Friday, August 8, 2008

Making an attempt...

Hi! I haven't been able to get into the whole blogger thing. I do blog on my Xanga, but for some reason, Blogger has always seemed so difficult to use. However, I spent a little time on here today and I have figured it out a little more, so I think I know enough to (maybe) enjoy using it.
Originally, I only wanted to use this for the things that I wrote that were deep and insightful. It seems as though "deep and insightful" for me has been few and far between. I think now I'll just use it to write on and if I ever come across and deep/ insightful thought, then I will post that.
Until then, let me introduce myself if you don't know me. My name is Amber, which is probably evident from my profile. I like long walks on the beach, movies, sunsets, and... oh wait, this isn't a personal ad.

I work for a dentist in Spartanburg as a dental hygiene assistant. That basically means that I take a lot of x-rays and sometimes I polish people's teeth. I'm going back to school in January for dental hygiene and then I'm going to Southern Adventist University to get my BS in Health Science. While it seems as though I have it all figured out, let me assure you, I do not. In fact, I'm not even sure if I want to be a dental hygienist, but I enjoy it enough that I'm going to go ahead and complete my degree in dental hygiene because I really like dentistry and it's good to have a dental background for what I'm thinking I really want to do. And that's why I'm getting my BHS.

I think that I want to be a sales rep for a dental product company (such as Listerine, Sonicare, Patterson Dental, Sullivan-Schein, the dental division of 3M company, etc). I'm sure you're saying, "But wait Amber, you said that you're a dental assistant. So, don't you have a dental background?" Yes. And that leads me to my next point. Dental hygienists make great money and dental hygiene offers me flexibility. And hey, I want to get married and have kids and I'd really like to stay home with my kids as much as possible. Dental hygiene would allow me to choose my own schedule and only work if/ when I want/ need to. And, I like teeth. And teaching people how to take care of their teeth. And I like helping to prevent people from losing their teeth.

A few other quick things about me -- I like to write, play piano, sing, read, sleep, eat, cook, etc. I think kids are fun. I'm an INFJ personality type. (What type are you?) I think some of the best
things in life are family and friends.

I love God. I wish I had as much to say about Him as I did about dentistry. He and I are working on this whole relationship thing. Sometimes it works, other times I don't let it. A man that goes to my church tells this story about carrying water in a basket. I found the story on someone's blog, so you can read it there. Anyway, I guess that right now, I'm trying to do that. I get so discouraged reading my Bible. Not because I don't remember it, but because I just don't feel like it's doing anything. I don't feel like it matters or makes a difference. I hate to admit this, but sometimes, I don't even enjoy it. But maybe, just maybe, if I read my Bible -- just one or two verses even -- and spend a little bit of time in prayer, maybe God will begin to change me and maybe I'll recognize His presence more than ever. I enjoy working for God. I enjoy going to church and I know what I believe and why I believe it. I know what's right. I know that God is good and that He is love and that He is merciful and powerful and big. But I want to know those things. I want to believe those things and to feel those things and to experience Jesus for myself. There is a verse in Psalms that says, "Taste and see that the Lord is good." It doesn't just say to see that He is good, but it says to taste and see. To me that means that you have to jump in, get involved, and experience Jesus. Watching other people taste Him, isn't going to make me know who He is. Listening to Pastor Jerry or Pastor Daddy (that's right, I'm a PK) isn't enough. A vicarious relationship with Jesus is NOT a relationship with Jesus. Maybe you can pray for me, as I carry my empty basket to the Water of Life and allow God to begin filling me with Himself.

That got a lot deeper than I intended for it to. Anyway, this is me.
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