Monday, November 24, 2008

More Bad News about Justin

My cousin's MRIs are giving the doctor reason to be concerned and they are going to start aggressive radiation therapy with him. The type of cancer they SAID he had only has a 30% chance of survival rate with surgery and chemo/ radiation. My dad said that my uncle said (that idk who said) that the doctors are now not sure what kind of cancer it was, which doesn't make since b/c the pathology report should have told them what kind.

Originally they thought it was just the tumor -- now they're pretty sure it's worse. Justin isn't really talking to me (not out of the ordinary) and he said he's "ok".

Just keep praying please.


I never blog here. I don't know why because I blog at Xanga and I read other's blogs. I should just double post. I think part of the reason I don't though is because I know who reads my Xanga and I have more control over it (or at least I know how to have more control over it). If I were to double post, I might have to start being more careful what I say!

So, let's see what's been going on in my life... In October, Brooke came to visit and we went to a corn maze. A random guy asked me for my number. He was kind of cute, very redneck, and to make a long story short, he got my number. He called me, put the ball in my court and that's where it's stayed.

I am looking forward to starting back to school in January with NEW classmates and a few of the former assisting students that I liked (like Emily!). My last day of work is December 18. I will miss making money. Not that I've actually gotten to enjoy much of it that I've made since I've been busy paying for school and paying for my a/c to be fixed in my car (that was over the summer).

Last weekend I went on a shopping spree with my mom. I got two new outfits for church and got some GREAT sales at Ann Taylor Loft (love that store!).

I'm learning to crochet and I've made a few scarves, though only one of them actually turned out well. And I'm giving it away as a gift because I think it would make a nice gift and it's the favorite color of the person I'm giving it to. I did take it for a test drive yesterday just to make sure it wears nicely. It does.

I can't wait for Thanksgiving. My brother is coming up and we're going to eat some yummy food. It should be good!! Anyway, that's all for now!