Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a long day

I worked until almost 9:30 tonight. I got there at 1:30, which isn't too bad, except that my day didn't begin at 1:30, it began before that... so a late night makes it feel like a long day. I could never be a nurse. Ever.


Ever. Just had to add those last few ever's to make sure we're clear on that.

I realized though, I have a lot to be thankful for. Last night I was talking to a guy who is serving in Iraq right now. And while I wanted to get home from work because I was missing precious facebook time, he is missing precious time with his little girl. My job might FEEL like the worst job ever some days, but there are worse things. It kind of helped to put things in perspective for me.

As much as it put things in perspective -- this is still my life and the one I have to live. And just because he's in Iraq doesn't mean that I can't go to bed because I'm exhausted. And I am. exhausted, that is. Well, and going to bed.
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