Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Giving up Shampoo (Days 6-15)

I have been keeping track of how my hair feels and looks but I haven't had time to update. Since I last updated I have moved and been busy job hunting and life has just been crazy.

Here are days 6-15.

Day 6 -- I did nothing. At all. All day. Hair limp and slightly oily. Very soft and shiny. Ponytail all day. Would not have worn it down because it would look plastered to my head. Basically the same as a no water/ no shampoo/ nothing day before going no poo.

Day 7 -- Greasy hair, rinsed only. It was moving day, so I wore it up all day. "Washed" with conditioner that night because it was all I could find and something had to be done.

Day 8 -- Nothing -- hair was "washed" the night before. Wore it up for work, but hair was very soft with no grip due to the conditioner. Felt clean, but since I let it air dry and didn't blow dry it my hair had no body and was a little frizzy.

Day 9 -- Water only. My hair felt ok. I probably could have worn it down, but had to have it pulled back for work.

Day 10 -- Baking soda and vinegar. Very clean. I have noticed that my hair is more manageable without conditioner than it has been. The last few days it's been soft and easy to brush/ comb through when wet.

Day 11 --Baking soda "wash". My hair felt normal, looked good, etc. Easy to comb through when wet, tangled too easily throughout the day, is beginning to lose some of the body that it had during week 1. I am beginning to miss real shampoo, not for the sake of my hair but for the smell of it and the suds when I wash my hair. I almost used it today just for the experience of WASHING my hair...

Day 12 -- Water only. After I took the towel off my normally straight hair, I noticed that it looked not-so-straight. I hesitate to call it "wavy" yet, but with some scrunching and hairspray it is definitely more not-straight than it used to be. Perhaps this is the beginning of at least wavy hair? Oh please let it be. I still miss washing with real shampoo, but if this is any indication of what's to come, I'll take it.

Day 13 -- Shampoo and conditioner. I caved and I regretted it the instant I dried my hair and it was totally and completely flat and lifeless... for the next 3 days. It was silky clean. Too clean.

Day 14 -- Nothing, not even water. I put it up and it was still flat and lifeless from the day before.

Day 15 -- Baking soda and water. My hair is beginning to regain body from Day 13's mistake. Kind of. Not curling as well with the curling iron as weeks 1 and 2.

So that's where I am so far...

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