Monday, January 5, 2009

He Knows My Name

Cyrus, I am sending for you by name. I am doing it for the good of the family of Jacob. They are my servants. I am doing it for Israel. They are my chosen people. You do not know anything about me. But I am giving you a title of honor. I am the Lord. There is no other Lord. I am the one and only God. You do not know anything about me. But I will make you strong.
Isaiah 45:4,5

My freshman year of college, I was at Southern and I was taking Earth Science from Dr. Hansen. Like a good girl I attended class everyday, stayed awake (most of the time), did my homework, made average grades. I didn't speak up in class or do anything to draw attention to myself. I was just one of the other students. Of course, he made an effort to learn our names, but there was nothing about me as a student that was memorable.

I met my two best friends in that class and we've talked many times about Dr. Hansen and how, to this day, when we pass him on the promenade or see him around campus, he always greets us by name. We were just wallflowers and yet, he knows us.

God knows and calls me by name. Before I was born, He knew me and had a plan for me. Before I knew Him, He knew who He was making me to be. God called me and appointed me and gave me a title of honor, Daughter, before I ever knew who He was. And with that calling, He gave a promise that He would make me strong and equip me with everything necessary for His plans for me to be realized.

But Dr. Hansen doesn't just know my name -- he knows Brooke and Beth-Anne's as well. I'm sure that he also knows Desmond, Jonathan, and Jessica too. God doesn't just know my name either. He knows every single person who has ever lived and will ever live.

The God of the Universe knows YOU and cares for YOU personally. I think that's pretty incredible. Even more incredible than a professor who still remembers his wallflower-student's names from three years ago.

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