Saturday, January 5, 2013

Book Review: Waiting for Morning Waiting for Morning
Series: Brides of Last Chance Ranch
Book Number: 2
Author: Margaret Brownley


Molly is no stranger to sorrow. She lost both her mother and father and is the only one left to care for her crippled brother. She maybe the one who was responsible for his accident and subsequent injuries as a child, but now she is the one responsible for his well-being. After narrowly rescuing him from the fire that destroyed their home and almost all of their belongings, she responded to ad for an heiress to a ranch in Cactus Patch, AZ. Should she be made heiress she must sign a contract agreeing to never marry. It seems like a dream come true -- provide a home for Donny and having the means by which to care for him. The little thing about marriage was no big deal since no man would ever want a woman with a crippled brother that required her constant attention.

And like any good book, things never go as the characters think they're going to go...

Dr. Caleb Fairbanks thinks he can help Donny, but Molly is skeptical. Her brother has seen a lot of kooky doctors. Can Molly trust Caleb with her brother... and her heart?


I LOVED this book. The characters were well-developed. Molly was sweet and kind and unselfish and strong. She struggled with real problems that each of us face. Caleb was kind and funny and interesting and patient. Patience is something Molly has a hard time with so Caleb's character balanced her. The other characters in the book weren't just names thrown in for filler, but truly well-developed supporting characters. From Aunt Bessy to Eleanor to Jimmy to Rosita, each character had a personality and I could picture them in my mind as I read the story.

This book was well-written and interesting and predictable but not too much. I wish I had another book in this series to read right now!

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