Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First Impressions

There are times when we are all put into situations where we aren't able to be ourselves. Perhaps it's an awkward situation, a bad day, our of your comfort zone... whatever it might be for you, it's inevitable that during one of those times you will meet someone and make a first impression that doesn't necessarily reflect who you are. This poem is about one of those times.

The many commas in the poem are meant to convey the speaker's uncertainty, hesitation, insecurity, and overall discomfort at saying any of this. It's a rambling of sorts -- saying it, taking it back, questioning, doubting, but in the end just coming out and saying it. It's spoken quickly with hesitations.

DISCLAIMER: Like much of the poetry I write, while this may be inspired by a situation that I was in or by a person that I met, but isn't necessarily an accurate representation of my feelings toward the person or situation. I think the most accurate thing in the entire poem is the last two lines and they are more a reflection of my desire for people to look beyond the initial shyness that they may see in me. So here it is.

The Verbosity of Uncertainty

Had we but time, and I courage,
I dare say, but I do hesitate
To believe, that you and I
Could perhaps, but I’m not sure,
Know one another better than today.

If I may have but this one wish,
Neither asking nor expecting, but hoping
That you would, by some chance,
In some way or another,
Desire to know me more.

In opposition to your previous
Experience with me I beg of you,
With the verbosity of uncertainty,
Mistake not my silence
As an indication of indifference.
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