Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Shelter in the time of Storm

The temperature has dropped at least ten degrees in the last twenty minutes. The thunder has been rumbling for about the last forty-five minutes and the storm clouds have been rolling in from the south. I know it's the south because I looked at the map and saw which direction the road ran and it runs SE to NW and so I determined that the storm is coming from the south. The lighting is shooting bright streaks of electricity from the sky to the ground. The rain has just started to fall heavily. The wind chimes on my front porch are making a lot of racket. The dog warned me of the coming storm long before I noticed the thunder as she ran into my room and hid under my bed.

When I began writing this post, I was sitting out on my front porch. I watched as the storm rolled in and sat there as it began pounding the earth with its fury. In the middle of the storm, all I could think was this is so peaceful. And then I watched the bikers drive by on their motorcycles on their way to find shelter from the storm.

Sometimes life’s greatest lessons are realized in the simplest of moments. I had shelter from the storm and as a result, I could watch the storm and feel nothing but peace. The bikers, on the other hand, were not feeling peaceful as they rode through the middle of it with nothing but leather to protect them. Life is like that.

There is a storm raging around us and I know the direction from whence it comes. It comes from Satan. Like lightning Satan fell from Heaven (Luke 10:18). God’s voice has often been described in the Bible as a voice of thunder and I can imagine His thundering voice warning Satan of his impending doom as the battle for our hearts is waged. There are times when the rain falls down and the wind blows hard giving evidence of the storms around us. I can have peace in the midst of this storm, because I have shelter in the shadow of the Almighty God (Ps. 91). There are some who choose to remain in the midst of the storm, trusting in their own merits to save them, but they have no peace.

My prayer is that in the midst of life’s storms, in this storm waging between the Eternal God and the Enemy, that you will take shelter and find peace in Jesus.

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