Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tad's Big Adventure: A Reproduction Story, Part 1

Once upon a time in the land of Testes, a spermatagonium was born in the outskirts of the city of Semeniferous. He was quite the plump little fellow. Most spermatagonia are, but they eventually slim down and become more aerodynamic. As Tad grew up, he became a spermatocyte, a spermatid, and finally when he was all grown-up, he was a spermatozoa. In the city of Semeniferous, it is a law that only the kids and teens can live in the city and with each birthday you have to move closer to the center of town in preparation for leaving on the Epididy train. So, Tad got older, and he shrunk and he shrunk and he moved closer and closer to the train station until finally it was his turn to get onto the Epididy train and leave Semeniferous. Tad was very excited to leave home and go on his Big Adventure. He couldn't wait to see other lands!

You couldn't take any food or drink or anything with you on the train, but there were stops along the way where you could get things to eat and drink, so Tad wasn't worried. First the Epididy train wound around and around and went up hills and down hills and around corners on the outside of the land of Testes. After a long, winding journey, Tad had to change trains before his journey through the Inguinal Canal. It would be a much smoother journey from here on out. Only the tough survive the Epididy train. It's luxury once they hop aboard Train Vas Deferens.

So, Tad changed trains and began his journey. They climbed and climbed and climbed a for a long time until finally, he saw the land of Bladder. He knew that soon, he would be exiting Train Vas Deferens and getting aboard the final train traveling through the land of Urethra. By this time, Tad was starving! So, soon after he got into Urethra, Mr. Seminal Vescicle dropped some food off for him. He also gave him some encouragment in the form of prostoglandins. It would keep him going and going and going, even when he got tired. And in case Tad decided to turn back, Mr. Seminal Vescicle locked the door behind Tad with fibrinogen. Tad was ok with this, as long as, like most men, he had his food.

Tad continued traveling through Urethra until he met Dr. Prostate. Dr. Prostate said, "Hey Son, I gotta warn you. It's gonna get messy. The rest of the journey will be pretty ugly. There are all kinds of diseases you'll come in contact with. Let me give you some antibiotics to take with you." And so, he wrote him a prescription for some antibiotics and Tad continued on his way.

He kept chugging on his way until finally, he reached Cowper's, a store that should not to be confused with Cowpens, the South Carolina town. At Cowper's he bought some basic necessities that would neutralize the rest of his journey so that he wouldn't be burned by the acids he would have to go through. After a long journey, he finally reaches the edge of the continent -- Glans Penis.

Stay tuned for more of Tad's Big Adventure! To be continued...
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